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Eating Disorder

Food is essential for our well-being.  We need quality food in good quantity for our bodies to function well.  Our minds and bodies will suffer if we have too much or too little food or only poor quality food. 

Eating Disorder

For some people, what starts as a small diet to lose a few pounds, turns into a self-loathing or fear of fat that causes extreme eating changes. Extreme changes can lead to fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations, changes in the menstrual cycle, loss of bone strength, and abnormal lab tests indicating several body systems could be suffering.

For some, this can even lead to heart failure and death as the fear of gaining weight leads to severe starvation. In fact, eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of all mental health disorders. 


At Medicine In Motion, we help patients through eating disorder treatments Austin, TX. Eating disorders can take many forms, such as binge eating, fasting, restrictive dieting, over-exercising, purging, or any combination. 

As a physician, Dr. Pyron’s job is to monitor and guide patients from an unhealthy medical state to a healthy state. The patients also work with dietitians and eating disorders therapists to gain insight and mental health strategies to grow into remission from the eating disorder. 

Dr. Pyron will monitor the status of the heart, the organ systems, and the bone density and help manage decisions that lead to physical recovery. In contrast, therapists and dieticians help clients work toward mental healing. 

A team approach is the best for complicated medical concerns such as eating disorders. At Medicine In Motion, we care about eating!! Food is our friend!! And healthy eating leads to a healthy mind, body, and life!