Medicine In Motion

Female Athlete Services

Female Athlete Services

  • Female athlete preseason screening and injury prevention
  • ACL injury prevention and Awareness
  • Concussions in Female Athletes
  • Dance Medicine
  • Pregnancy and Post-Patrum Sports Medicine
  • Sports Nutrition and Eating Disorders
  • Access to sports medicine experts, each with a special interest in treating female athletes and experience in treating athletes in female-specific sports
  • Education to raise awareness about the injuries and issues that specifically affect female athletes


With the ever increasing exposure of professional female athletes; the dynamic presence of women in sports today gives new meaning to “playing like a girl!”

While cutting-edge research in women’s sports medicine continues to be produced, studies have shown that women require specialized care, as they are more uniquely susceptible to various sports-related injuries.

At Medicine in Motion, our Women’s Sports Medicine Services are designed to support and care for female athletes of all ages and performance levels. Our team of multidisciplinary experts provides a wide range of services and will collaborate as a team to design treatment plans that are specific to each patient based on their individual needs and goals.

Our holistic approach to care means that whether you are dealing with an injury, struggling with nutrition, or want to learn more about injury prevention, we have experts to help.