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Medicine in Motion is dedicated to being the cornerstone of a runner’s journey in Austin. Our specialized sports medicine services aim to ensure that every runner, whether a marathon enthusiast or a trail lover, finds their stride healthily and enjoys the rhythmic beat of their run against the beautiful canvas of Austin.

Austin, with its picturesque trails and spirited running events, enthralls a vast community of runners. The city’s lush landscapes not only provide a serene backdrop but also set the stage for challenges that come with the repetitive nature of running. At Medicine in Motion, we extend our sports medicine expertise to ensure every runner continues to embrace the Austin trails with vigor, while effectively managing and preventing common running ailments like anterior knee pain, ITB pain, stress fractures, shin splints, knee injuries, lateral/patellar issues, hamstring injuries, Achilles tendon problems, and low back pain.

Delving into Common Running Ailments:

  • Shin Splints: Characterized by pain along the shin bone, often triggered by sudden changes in physical activity.

  • Knee Injuries: These could range from anterior knee pain to lateral/patellar issues, often stemming from overuse or improper form.

  • Hamstring Injuries: Strains or pulls in the hamstring muscles can be quite common, particularly if there’s a lack of flexibility or overstriding.

  • Achilles Tendon Problems: Issues here can range from tendinitis to tears, often due to overuse or lack of flexibility.

  • Low Back Pain: Running can sometimes strain the lower back, particularly if there’s an existing condition or poor running form.

Preventing Running Injuries: A Step in the Right Direction

Running is an exhilarating exercise, yet it demands a healthy respect for one’s body. The essence of preventing running injuries lies in cultivating wholesome running habits. Here are some practical tips to keep you on the right track:

  • Warm-Up Ritual: Kickstart your run with a slow pace, maintaining it for the initial 10 to 15 minutes. It sets the right tone for the muscles and joints.

  • Invest in Quality Footwear: Your shoes are your loyal companions on the trail. Ensure they are the right fit and replace them before they wear out.

  • Cool Down with Ice: Embrace the habit of icing minor injuries; it fosters deep circulation and healing.

  • Cross-Train: It’s prudent to take a break from running and engage in other forms of exercise. Cross-training fosters a well-rounded fitness regime.

  • Pace Yourself: Aim for distance before speed. Gradually build your endurance before attempting to quicken your pace.

  • Listen to Your Body: If it hurts, pause. It’s wiser to rest for a couple of days than to run through the pain and face a prolonged recovery later.

  • Stay Hydrated: Replenishing fluids is crucial, regardless of the weather. It keeps dehydration at bay and ensures a smoother run.


Your Healing Haven at Medicine in Motion:

At Medicine in Motion, we extend a holistic approach towards treating running injuries. Through precise diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and preventive education, we aim to address the root of the issue, be it managing knee injuries, alleviating hamstring problems, or nursing Achilles tendon issues. Our tailored treatment endeavors not only aim at healing but also at equipping you with the knowledge to prevent recurrent injuries.

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MedinMotion Family Doctor FAQs

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Absolutely. Our elderly care services are tailored to address the specific needs of senior patients, ensuring they receive optimal care.

Due to popular demand, we are presently have no appointments available for new eating disorder patients. We are however, adding more staff to high demand, and more spaces will open up shortly. Please fill out the form below to register your interest.”

    Due to popular demand, we are presently have no appointments available for new eating disorder patients. We are however, adding more staff to high demand, and more spaces will open up shortly. Please fill out the form below to register your interest.

    Dr Martha Pyron
    Martha Pyron, MD
    Sports Medicine Specialist / Physician / Clinic Owner

    Dr. Pyron is board certified in both family medicine and sports medicine. She obtained her medical degree from The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, completed a residency program in Family Medicine at Southern Colorado Family Medicine, and pursued a fellowship in Sports Medicine at Michigan State University, Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies. After becoming board certified in both family medicine and sports medicine, she started her career as a team physician for Penn State University. She then returned to her home state of Texas and worked as a Sports Medicine Specialist and Team Physician for the University of Texas at Austin.


    Dr Pyron is currently the founder and president of Medicine in Motion. She is an active member of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine. She maintains a relationship with the University of Texas by teaching classes for the Athletic Training students and by providing the Medical Director role for the Exercise In Aging Research Laboratory headed by Dr. Hiro Tanaka at the University of Texas. In 2012, Dr. Pyron also became certified in Musculoskeletal Sonography allowing her to provide diagnostic and procedural ultrasound exams in her office at the time of a patient visit!


    Dr. Pyron has lived and worked in Austin since 2003 and has developed extensive connections with specialized orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, athletic trainers, strength trainers, and other healthcare professionals who provide excellent service. She enjoys working together as a team with a variety of healthcare professionals to provide customized and optimal care for her patients.


    Although Dr. Pyron also has training and is board certified as a family physician, she prefers to limit her practice to sports medicine. This means that she wants you to maintain your relationship with your family doctor, but see her for sports injuries, training questions, or illnesses which affect your activity level. Please let her know how she may best help you!


    In her off time, Dr. Pyron enjoys a variety of outdoor and sports activities including soccer, softball, running, biking, mountain biking, strength training, yoga, swimming, and sailing.